Angélica Andrea Diaz Gil

Bogota, Bogota

Ingeniero Sanitario


! I am an available talent ! Bilingual Sanitary Engineer graduated from the University of Boyacá. Professional with capacity for responsibility, commitment, honesty and organizational skills. Ability to face challenging situations. I want to be part of the change, and I consider that to further develop this skill it is necessary to know in detail how companies and government entities work hand in hand; I have been a participant in that teamwork moves masses, since, you can achieve goals with greater confidence and ideals merged, which will create great contributions to the planet and society. I do not want to change the world, but I want to create and share small ideals of union and teamwork in a group of people and spread them in society, because I believe that by making small changes people will see that it is possible to improve a part of our lives, decreasing environmental and social impacts on the planet.